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Web design services from £600

At 717 Web Design Company we design and build websites that stand out from the crowd. You only have one chance at making a first impression, don’t waste it.

Online presence is very important. It isn’t just about taking some general information about your company, throwing it on the internet and making it look nice. It’s a tremendous channel of increasing your company’s reach as well as making customers aware of the goods and services you supply.

Crafting with intent and creativity the best web designers in the UK attract, engage and emit your brand effortlessly and effectively. By talking to your audience with consistent and coherent branding we can help build brand trust and professionalism which is crucial to the success of any online website.

Our web designers see the experience from the user’s point of view. With our long standing design expertise, we will focus on your goals and build an experience for the visitor that gets them easily to that goal.

We’re a multi-disciplined web design agency covering simple brochure websites (5 pages), e-commerce stores as well as email marketing and social media designing. Feel free, to click on one of our web services below and learn a little more about the professional web design services we offer and a selection of our portfolio.

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717 Web Design Agency: We Offer Web Design Packages For Every Business

At 717 Graphic & Design Studios we believe that every business no matter their budget, deserve the very best web design from which to trumpet their excellence, expertise, and innovation. That’s why we offer some of the most reasonable professional web design services in Birmingham (though we work with many clients nation-wide!).

Whether you need a simple website or a sophisticated e-commerce platform, we can offer you customised web design services tailored to your budget. As a guideline we offer web design packages for brochure style 5 page websites starting from £600 and ecommerce website solutions from £1500.

Simple 5 Page Brochure Web Design Birmingham

To promote your business or company services, a brochure website design can often be the best, and most cost effective, solution. They’re basic in that the idea behind them is to briefly showcase a company, who they are, what they provide, and how to contact them. With a brochure style web design the goods and services are only displayed so customers will have to contact the company to place an order.

A typical brochure style website consists, generally speaking, consists of five pages:

1 HOMEPAGE – A landing or home page which introduces your core services and gives and an overview of your business

2 ABOUT US – An “about us” page which offers a background and history as well as your company mission statement.

3 SERVICES – A services page which outline all that you can offer to your clients.

4 CONTACT US – A contact page complete with valuable information such as contact details, opening times and a way to contact you through a contact us form.

5 ADDITIONAL – Any additional information you might wish; a portfolio, company blog, or testimonial collection are common options.

With our unlimited design revisions, too, you can make sure that your site perfectly represents your vision. This level of simple, affordable web design UK means that every business can ensure they have a platform that does their brand proud.

The sites we create are usually developed using WordPress and are coded with the latest, industry standard HTML, CSS, or Java Script code. All images and graphics are optimised to ensure the fastest loading speeds, and we will complete a comprehensive site test. Better yet we ensure that your website is SEO ready; that means all you have to do is keep your content up to date.

Simple 5 Page Brochure Style Websites – Find out More Here


Ready to hire a web designer? Discuss your web design project with one of our wordpress web designers on 0800 009 6005 or email us hi@717graphicdesign.co.uk

E-Commerce Web Design Company Birmingham

An e-commerce website, or online store to put it simply, is invaluable to those who want to sell products and services without the need for an intermediary. Sites like Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, and NotOnTheHighStreet charge their own service and handling fees when you sell through them; an e-commerce site of your own saves time and keeps your overhead costs low! At 717 Design agency our e-commerce web design packages start at £1500, for basic ecommerce website solutions.

We know that the right web design services can not only affect your search engine ranking but can help you to convert those views into all important clicks and purchases. This is why we ensure that all of our sites, redesigned through Woocommerce or magenta, are eye-catching, modern, and professional looking as well as efficient. Like our simpler brochure style designs, the e-commerce sites we provide are bespoke, coded with the most up to date HTML, CSS, or Java Script, are SEO ready, and have fully integrated content management systems (CMS). Like our simpler designs, these more complex websites also benefit from fully optimised graphics and comprehensive testing.

All of our ecommerce website designs are responsive and optimised for desktop, laptop, and mobile viewing, but above and beyond all of this, every platform we produce is designed to represent the person, company, and vision behind it.

E-commerce Websites – Find out More Here

Want to hire an ecommerce consultant? Speak to one of our e commerce website designers in Birmingham on 0800 009 6005 or email us hi@717graphicdesign.co.uk

717 Web Design West Midlands – What We Can Do For You

For a long time custom web design was seen as the luxury of big companies with big budgets; the little guys had to get by with what they could do themselves or commission an inexperienced web designer. You can have the best business providing the best services, but if you website branding is not up to scratch people will leave your site.

Access to professional web design services is an absolute necessity for small businesses to grow. Likewise larger corporations are flooding funds in getting their online presence into shape.  To find a website designer who has the design skill, creativity and marketing know how to project a company correctly is not easy to do. At 717, we’re proud to have worked on 100s of websites and have become a leading website design company based in Birmingham.

We have taken the last 10 years to assimilate a team of the best website designers in the UK.






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What Will Our Web Designers Do?

What exactly one of our professional web designers can do for you is as much a question of your needs as their services. Each project is different and our web designers will discuss in detail a clear plan of action. From research, design and implementation we’ll develop your brand online by creating bespoke, stylish, and efficient platforms from which you can showcase what it is you do best.

Our web design firm is a results driven company. Our web design services are tailored to your needs and your specific requirements. We’ll listen to your ideas, have a look into your industry and present our own. Together we’ll create a solution which delivers head an shoulders above everyone else.

We deliver results and treat your business as though it was our own.

Come visit our Web Design Company in Birmingham

If you are a small to medium business looking for affordable, innovative and professional web design services then we’d love to have a chat. We love working with new start ups as well as rebranding established businesses so they can flourish to their true potential.

Our website design agency in Birmingham has an outstanding reputation and is known as one of the best web design companies in the UK. Our testament is our very loyal customer base many of whom have been with us for years.

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Have a Web Design project in mind?

Discuss your requirements with one of our UK website designers today. Call our website design agency in Birmingham on 0800 009 6005 or email us hi@717graphicdesign.co.uk

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Our Culture

At 717 we know exactly how to get exceptional results and that’s because our small team of designers are some of the best graphic designers in the UK. We’re super friendly, great to work with and we treat our client’s businesses as though they were our own. It's why so many of our clients return time and time again.

"revolutionised our business - we operate on a completely different level now. Absolutely brilliant!"
- NTU Online, www.ntuonline.co.uk

"I have to thank 717, we receive endless compliments and it's all down to you!"
- Sally, www.cggardenlandscapes.co.uk

"So reliable, straightforward and just delivered exactly what we needed. Very impressed."
- Rick Rowan, www.nurokor.com

"you’ve done everything we imagined and so much more! It’s been a pleasure working with you."
- Victoria Lewis, www.cavellnursestrust.org