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717 provides Freelance Graphic Design services For London & UK

If you are looking for a freelance graphic designer London UK or beyond – we’re glad you have found us! At 717 Graphic Design we are a small multi-disciplined design company offering professional logo services, web design packages, brochure design, catalogue design, menu design and book covers. If you need to design it, we can do it.

We appreciate that not every business can afford the extortionate rates of graphic design agencies in London (and why should you?). At 717 we’re different – we offer you high-quality artwork at the price you would normally pay for a freelance graphic designer in London. Not only this but being in a small team we have specialist knowledge – we have a web designer, a logo specialist expert and a marketing consultant who have over 10 years’ experience.

Our delivery is near perfect every time but don’t take our word for it, have a look at our portfolio and see for your yourself!

Should I hire a freelance graphic designer in London UK?

Businesses usually go to freelance graphic designers primarily for two things:

  1. Paying cheaper rates than a graphic design agency.
  2. They will get a personalised on-demand service when they need it.

This is a common misconception.

At 717 graphic design our design rates are on par with the normal freelance graphic designer’s hourly rates, except our design expertise is hugely superior. Our philosophy has always been very, very simple; provide great design at an affordable cost.

You don’t need to worry if your freelance designer doesn’t answer your calls or is lying on a beach or even is just too busy to do your work! We have the expertise, flexibility and manpower to always deliver faultlessly on time. We work with many small and medium size businesses and it’s no wonder why our client base has doubled in the past 18 months.

Which Freelance Graphic Design services do we provide?










How much does it cost to hire us?

The cost of each project massively varies on a case by case basis. Some clients want us to handle everything which is great, whereas other clients want to get involved in the nitty gritty which is also great. We will discuss options with you which will deliver the most cost effective and efficient solution to your design requirements. As a guideline logo design costs from £250+ , Web design £600+, Flyer Design £80+ etc

Most importantly, we’re really friendly, honest and totally upfront about costs and timescales so you know exactly where you stand. We’ll help you through every step of the process and be always at hand to ensure your design project goes smoothly and meets your expectation of quality, time and cost.


Give one of our graphic designers a call today to discuss your project. As a freelance graphic design company we service clients all over London and beyond.

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We have clients locally, nationally and internationally of all shapes and sizes.

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Our Culture

At 717 we know exactly how to get exceptional results and that’s because our small team of designers are some of the best graphic designers in the UK. We’re super friendly, great to work with and we treat our client’s businesses as though they were our own. It's why so many of our clients return time and time again.

"revolutionised our business - we operate on a completely different level now. Absolutely brilliant!"
- NTU Online,

"I have to thank 717, we receive endless compliments and it's all down to you!"
- Sally,

"So reliable, straightforward and just delivered exactly what we needed. Very impressed."
- Rick Rowan,

"you’ve done everything we imagined and so much more! It’s been a pleasure working with you."
- Victoria Lewis,