Looking For A Web Designer? You’re In The Right Place!


At 717 Graphic Design, we’re a small team of very experienced professional UK website designers. If you’ve been scouring the internet for the past half hour looking for a web designer for small and medium-sized businesses, your search is over! We cater for flexible budgets and manage large multi-national blue-chip companies all the way down to local plumbers looking for an affordable website design package.

Hiring someone to build a website for your business is no easy task. All these website design and development companies all look the same right? To someone who’s not inclined to the graphic web design world, it’s a very difficult task to distinguish between the good, great and brilliant companies in the professional website design services industry. They all claim to offer to do the same things, at a similar cost within the same timescales.


All in all, what four qualities should you consider when looking for a web designer?

When hiring someone to build your website you must be patient and not impulsive. Remember when choosing a web design company that as soon as you have begun a relationship with them, you’re often bolted into that relationship. You need a web designer who is honest, dependable and easy for you to work with (we recommend asking for testimonials).

Once you’ve set your project brief, all what’s left is for you to hire a web designer. Consider these four factors to get started:

  1. Web Design Portfolio – Top web design firms have a full scope of website examples which they have designed and built for other companies. Not simply one sector but across many with an ample selection of e-commerce website designs as well as brochure style websites. First and foremost, you should click through these and see if you like the styling. Consider if the website designer has created a design befitting that industry and its needs? Check out our portfolio here.
  2. Experience – Any creative web design company will have some experience, but you should be looking for a website designer who can actively indicate proof of experience and their qualifications. Don’t just think: “I need a web designer, they’ll do.” This is an amateur mistake and it will cost your business in the long term. Getting the right company first time will save you over the long term and you will reap the rewards.
  3. Budget – Let’s face it, custom web design and development costs money. It’s not a simple venture for your organisation. You should be looking for a web designer who is on the same wavelength as you in terms of budget. There is absolutely no point in approaching a major city centre-based web design company if you want affordable custom web design on a small budget. At 717 Graphic Design, we cater for both small and large budgets, and we tailor our web design packages accordingly to satisfy your requirements. Besides, there are no hidden extras, we’re completely transparent – the price we agreed, is the price you pay.
  4. Timescales – Any business looking for website design, before thinking “I want to hire a web designer” should consider the start and end goals of their project. Some clients want their 40-page web design to be designed overnight (which is totally impossible), some have project timescales over 12 months. The critical thing to consider is that the web designer you’re looking to hire should be flexible enough to cater for those needs. There’s no point in having the expectation that the designer will drop everything and jump onto your project at that given time of the day. Especially freelance web designers, who don’t have the manpower or resources to handle this. At 717 Graphic Design, we have an adaptable design team who can cater for your expectations and timescales very efficiently whatever the requirement. Look at some of our testimonials and see what people have said!


Ok, so how to find a web designer who will actually achieve the results I need?

If you’re struggling where to find web designers, I’m glad you’ve landed here as you’re in safe hands. We have a great team of copyrighters, photographers, designers, website coders and marketing specialists. Have a browse through our website, learn a little but more about us. We promise to be honest, upfront and super clear so you know precisely what’s what.


Get in contact with us and have a chat with one of our web design specialists about your project. Call one of our web developers today on 0800 009 6005 or email us hi@717graphicdesign.co.uk and get your project started!

Our Culture

At 717 we know exactly how to get exceptional results and that’s because our small team of designers are some of the best graphic designers in the UK. We’re super friendly, great to work with and we treat our client’s businesses as though they were our own. It's why so many of our clients return time and time again.

"revolutionised our business - we operate on a completely different level now. Absolutely brilliant!"
- NTU Online, www.ntuonline.co.uk

"I have to thank 717, we receive endless compliments and it's all down to you!"
- Sally, www.cggardenlandscapes.co.uk

"So reliable, straightforward and just delivered exactly what we needed. Very impressed."
- Rick Rowan, www.nurokor.com

"you’ve done everything we imagined and so much more! It’s been a pleasure working with you."
- Victoria Lewis, www.cavellnursestrust.org